Sensei Basil Campbell 

(Head Instructor)

Sensei Basil has been training in traditional Goju Ryu Karate for over 13 years and is Nidan (Second degree black belt). Sensei Basil has been a member of the IOGKF since 2006 and continues to train under the guidance of World Chief Instructor Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura at the Honbu dojo (headquarters) in Burlington.


Sensei Basil is dedicated to teaching children, youth and adults the art of karate and fully believes that it increases mental and physical stamina, boosts

self-confidence, improves self-discipline and memorization and enhances socialization. His main goal is to ensure that each student develops within their own abilities and to bring fun to each class.


Dedicated to improving and increasing physicality through sport, Sensei has previously been a soccer coach for over 7 years, managed and coached through his own Kick Start Durham program which offered both karate and soccer classes and assisted with teaching classes and grading within the IOGKF.


Although employed full-time elsewhere, Sensei Basil has started to teach once again in order to share his passion for traditional goju ryu and to witness the positive impact karate can have on students.