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History of IOGKF Canada

IOGKF Canada was established in 1993 by Sensei Jim Marinow.  This branch of IOGKF International follows the same objectives as the international organization. 


The values and teachings of traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate are a great intangible treasure. Through teaching traditional karate we are instructing the younger generation to be better human beings and in turn we are making the world a better place to live.


In 1997, Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura joined IOGKF Canada as its Technical Advisor.  Prior to arriving in Canada, he was a former instructor at the headquarters of IOGKF International in California, USA from 1991 to 1994; and was an instructor at the headquarters of IOGKF Japan in Tokyo from 1995 to 1997.


When Sensei Marinow left in 2001, IOGKF Canada formed a kambukai (executive committee). In 2003, Sensei Nakamura was appointed as the Chief Instructor for Canada. Since that time he has been appointed the Administrative Director of IOGKF International and the Chief Instructor of North America (Canada, Mexico and the United States), in 2008 he was been appointed the Vice-Chief Instructor of IOGKF International.


In July, 2012 Sensei Nakamura was appointed the IOGKF World Chief Instructor, following in Morio Higaonna Sensei's footsteps.


Throughout the year, IOGKF Canada hosts a variety of events, such as gasshuku (training seminar), tournaments, and special events with international instructors.

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